Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The 2011 Ramen and Friends Awards! 12-06-2011

Welcome to The 2011 Annual Ramen and Friends Awards! It is now time to reflect on all the food we had this year. Curious about last year? Check it here.

Best Korean BBQ: Tong Sam Gyup Goo Ee
Best Korean in Midtown: Danji
Best Soba: Cocoron
Best Asian Food Court: Food Gallery 32
Best Christmas Cake: Bûche de Noël from Ceci Cela
Best Cantucci: Il Cantuccio
Best East Village Brunch: Goat Town
Best Cobble Hill Brunch: Bocca Lupo
Best Modern-Southern Brunch: Seersucker
Best Filipino Brunch: Maharlika
Best LIC Brunch: LIC Market
Best Scallion Pancake: Noodle Village
Best Falafel in SoHo: Ba'al Cafe
Best Beer for Growlers: American Beer Distributing Company
Best Vegan Lunch: 'sNice
Best Midtown Lunch: Good & Plenty to Go
Best Italian Lunch in Midtown: Piccolo Cafe
Best Burrito: 5 Burro Cafe
Best New Tea House: Bosie Tea Parlor
Most Unusual Takeout Packaging for Tea: Qi
Best German Snack: Hanuta
Best Swedish Candy: Sockerbit
Best Vegan Birthday Cake: Champ Family Bakery
Best Panini: Salume
Great Introductory Brooklyn Dining: Buttermilk Channel
Best Vegetable-centric Italian: Rucola
Best Ice Cream Sandwich: Coolhaus Truck
Best Ice Cream Bar: Magnum
Best Ice Cream Name: Schweddy Balls
Best Thai in Manhattan: Zabb Elee
Adequate Thai in BoCoCa: HopHap
Best Sicilian Bakery: Catania
Best Summer Memory: The Rockaways
Best Summer Hangout: Pier 6
Best Indoor Summer Hangout: Fonda Nolita
Best Bread Basket: Colonie
Best Atmosphere for Dim Sum: Nom Wah
Best Italian Sandwich: Torrisi
Best Vegetarian Sandwich: Van Horn
Best Caribbean in BoCoCa: Fisherman's Dawta
Best New Ramen in Midtown: Tabata Noodle
Best Modern Noodles: Hung Ry
Best Sardinian: River Deli
Best New Pizza: Sottocasa
Best and Cheapest R&F Outing: Uncle Zhou
Best French Bakery: Bien Cuit
Best Bar Food: 61 Local
Best Korean+ Uzbek: Elza Fancy Food
Best Coffee Cup Design: Birdbath
Best Pancake: Ryan Gosling Pancake
Best Pumpkin Milkshake: Moo Burger

R&F Hall of Fame:
Best Japanese: Hibino
Best Coffee: Crop to Cup
Best Pasta: Brucie
Best Japanese-Italian: Basta Pasta
Best Hummus: Mimi's Hummus
Best Vegetarian Ramen: Totto Ramen
Best Malaysian: Taste Good in Elmhurst
Best Falafel: Azuri
Best Dim Sum: Ocean Jewel

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