Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moo Burger 11-07-2011

Location: 240 Court St. BK
Time: 5:30pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: After months and months of anticipation, the new organic burger joint on Court Street, Moo Burger, finally opened. There are many burger places in the area like Five Guys, two mind you, and two8two Bar & Burger, but Moo Burger looks to turn up the competition.

In Cobble Hill shortly before 6pm, what do you expect to see at a newly opened organic burger place? Kids and hipsters. They share similar obsessions with their comfort drinks (milk or beer) and self absorbed sensibility, so it is not a coincident that we often witness them at the same places.

The staff here is extremely attentive and experienced in serving kids. They brought out a high chair for CK faster than any other restaurants, and they were eager to help us as we were sitting with a ticking time bomb--if we stayed longer than 30 minutes, CK would probably start to scream.

We started off with the golden combination of pumpkin milkshake, fried pickles and beer. The milkshake is made by Blue Marble's ice cream, keeping it all locally sourced. It was creamy and smooth without too much sweetness, and the pumpkin portion sat gently at the bottom. It is not light by any means, so I recommend sharing this delectable creamy piece of heaven. The fried pickles were light and crispy and made with whole gherkins, and when I ate them accidentally with milkshake, it surprisingly complimented each other. I suppose Oscar the Grouch was right about his love for pickle ice cream.

I ordered Nova Scotia (smoked salmon, salmon burger, mustard creme fraiche), which I thought might be over salmon-ed, but it turned out to be a creation of tasty salmon on salmon combination. The light and fluffy whole wheat bun was from Brick City Bakery and held all the salmon-ness together inside. CK is possibly the most finicky eater in BoCoCa, but he could not have enough of the salmon burger and pillowy whole wheat bun.

RB's 'hangover' burger was deliciously sinful. He has grown fond of burgers with a fried egg, and this one did not disappoint. The 'melt in your mouth' tender burger, the bacon and cheddar all mixed with the gooey fried egg and the brioche bun, resulting in a delectable experience.

Moo Burger is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood, especially to those with kids. It has healthier options like salads, and the flavors are more clean and refined compared to other burger joints in the area (with the accompanying price tag--our total bill with tip was about $60). Overall, Moo Burger gives the typical laid back Brooklyn vibe without a hint of pretentiousness. With Brucie and Van Horn, Court Street really has become quite a food scene, and I hope more will come--but not to the point that our rent will keep rising.

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