Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Van Horn 03-09-2011

Location: 231 Court St.

Feelings: Cobble Hill may be the baby central of Brooklyn, but surprisingly CK is the only baby in our apartment building. When I was pregnant, I could see the fear in our neighbors' eyes. Some of them get upset when I leave the stroller by the foyer for an hour, and others smoke so much that it leaks through our wall. We obviously need to move when the lease is up, but we are determined to stay in Cobble Hill because of the great spots like Van Horn Sandwich Shop.

Van Horn seems similar to Mile End on Hoyt Street, and it is a cute and rustic neighborhood sandwich shop that serves mouthwatering comfort foods. They even have something called P.L.T. ($8, sweet potato, pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, and garlic aioli) for vegetarians, but RB brought me home their fish sandwich ($11, cornmeal-breaded fried catfish, pickle, slaw, tartar sauce) instead. This was perhaps the best fish sandwich I have had. Since it involved fried fish, it was on the heavier side, but the beautifully cooked catffish and tangy pickle and slaw created a flavorful combination.

RB's pulled pork sandwich was surprisingly delicate. He expected a big sloppy and saucy sandwich, but to his surprise and delight, it was very clean, simple and delicious. The extremely tender and delicate pork blended well with the crispy and light cabbage.

You may wonder why pay $11-$12 for a small sandwich, but the quality ingredients and flavorful combination of artisan work are worth every penny. If you're still hungry, just stop at TJ's on Atlantic and pick up their delicious peanut butter cup ice cream.

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