Thursday, May 28, 2015

Genuine Superette 05-25-2015

Location: 191 Grand St.
Time: 4pm
People: RB, CK and myself

-The AvroKO team's new spot, Genuine Superette is a charming spin-off of Gotham West Market's Genuine Roadside in Hell's Kitchen.
-This casual, laid-back spot captures the vibe of California roadside stands. From Don Drapers to the new creative class, California is on everyone's mind. If not California, everyone has at least succulents and cactus plants.
-With counter-service and friendly staff, you can really enjoy their West coast influenced comfort food like Super Duper Stack burgers ($10.56), shrimp tacos ($11.94), and fried green tomato sandwiches ($6.89).
-Celebrity chef collaborations also happen here for juices, coctails, fish-and chips, ice cream sandwiches ($7.81), and the soups and salads.
-Welcoming addition to tourist-packed area of the neighborhood. You can watch millions of sweaty tourists chowing down on Italian desserts as you escape to California.

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Andrew Johnson said...

This is among my favorite new restaurants I've tried in the last few months. A great fast casual spot that has one of the best burgers and chicken sandwiches in the city. Great write up on this place!