Thursday, March 31, 2011

HopHap 03-20-2011

Location: 204 Smith St. BK
Time: 4pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Some men obnoxiously call RB "Mr. Mom" because of his splendid ability to be able to take care of CK. However, this is truly degrading to both RB and other mothers. This isn't circa 1983 Michael Keaton era anymore, and all dads should naturally be a "Mr. Mom." It is an important part of the marital and family partnership. Thankfully, in BoCoCa, especially on Smith street, we see dads as co-caregivers. What we see almost as often as BabyBjorn wearing dads on Smith street is...Thai restaurants.

RB and I could never figure out why there were two locations of Ghang Thai only a few blocks away from each other in our area. But recently, the Smith street location changed. Into what you may ask? What else but a Thai restaurant, this one called HopHap. Ghang Thai had been our weekly Thai staple, but we decided to give this new one a try without too high of expectations. Then, I saw Roti Canai ($6) on the menu, and I instantly became a HopHap convert. What other Thai restaurants in the area serve my favorite appetizer, roti canai? Why would this Thai restaurant carry a Malaysian dish? Not sure, but the bread was crispy, and the massaman curry was sweet and flavorful, which made our ordinary Thai dinner to the next level.

My Tofu Pad Se Ew ($7) was well flavored without excessive grease or salt, and both vegetables and noodles were al dente. RB ordered Crispy Pork Chop ($10.95, with coconut sticky rice and sweet chili sauce) from their specialty menu, which is full of seafood and meat dishes that are somewhat closer to Queens style Thai food than Brooklyn . The pork chop was a bit dry, but RB said this could probably be blamed on getting takeout. The crust of the pork chop was peanuty and flavorful, and the sticky rice was a delicious accompaniment.

Needless to say, we will be ordering from HopHap from now on. As we write this, we already ordered from them twice, and every order brought a solid, tasty experience. Nothing can be compared to Thai restaurants in Woodside or Elmhurst , but as far as BoCoCa goes, HopHap may just be the best Thai joint around.


Mina said...

Hahaha 1983 Michael Keaton era!

ALev said...

Not cool to degrade Michael Keaton. Nor RB, nor CK, of course. But especially not Michael Keaton!

Yosh. O said...

Right, definitely not M.Keaton!!

Unknown said...

Keaton is the man!
Wow, a Thai place that does roti canai, I would be all over that place as well.

*sigh* all the good places go to Brooklyn.

Yosh. O said...

oh c'mon Jenn--Queens is the Thai mecca of the city!!

Now if you excuse me, I'll have to watch Multiplicity.