Tuesday, April 5, 2011

'sNice 03-25-2011

Location: 150 Sullivan St.
Time: 12pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: Ever since CK entered into our lives, our world has been spinning like a carnival ride. Both RB and I have full time jobs, and RB often has to work quite long hours. We can't afford a nanny, and our families are not nearby, so we really handle everything by ourselves besides the daycare. I hear about the importance of date nights, but honestly, we would rather save the babysitter money and go home for some sleep. Then, one Friday afternoon, RB oddly enough had a bit of free time to grab lunch near his work.

Many downtown vegetarian or vegan shops tend to be either too crunchy granola or "I don't eat meat, therefore I am better than you" conceited vibe that even a vegetarian like myself get intimidated by. But this SoHo location vegetarian sandwich shop, 'sNice is cozy, unpretentious, and ideal for light vegetarian sandwiches or afternoon coffee and cakes. They have WiFi and counters that face Sullivan street, so you can comfortably get a quick bite on your own.

The staff seemed friendly, and we promptly got our orders, Tofu Scramble Wrap ($6), Super Meatball Sub ($8.75) and a Peach Smoothie to split ($.5.50). Tofu scrambles often tend to be dry and bland, but this wrap was moist and well flavored. I especially enjoyed the combined textures of crumbling tofu in a soft and chewy wrap. RB's Super Meatball Sub was surprisingly tasty. I believe it was seasoned tempeh but managed to taste like soft and crispy meat balls. $5.50 for a small smoothie seemed overpriced, so unless you are craving one, I'd skip it and indulge on their vegan baked goods.

I thoroughly enjoyed our quick vegan lunch and wished for more lunch dates with RB in the near future. And of course, as I headed back to work in a good spirit on the C train, I got harassed by an angry commuting businessman. Thank you, old man, for completing an interesting afternoon. Without people like you, New York would be so incredibly boring. Lovely, but boring.

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Keep at it and have fun.