Friday, April 8, 2011

Olea 03-27-2011

Location: 171 Lafayette Ave. BK
Time: 10:30am
People: Sof, J, MGru, ALev, RB, CK and myself

Feelings: It's funny how life changes. I used to always turn down social engagements before 11am. I wondered who was up that early to be able to carry on a decent conversation. Nowadays, we need to turn down invites after 10pm and are envious of people who are able to stay up so late. For this particular brunch in Fort Greene, we decided to meet extra early at 10:30am to secure a large table for five plus two babies.

Mediterranean food has always been vegetarian friendly, but it was still nice to see "can be made vegetarian/vegan" on some items on their menu. The service was warm and attentive, and it was truly an unpretentious and relaxing neighborhood restaurant. I saw people enjoying their brunch by themselves with the Times as well as groups of people having a boisterous time.

My omelette came with home fries, salad and baguette ($10.50). It was a simple dish with fresh ingredients, and nothing was over-seasoned or over-greasy. The eggs were well executed, and the portion was generous. RB was disappointed and slightly embarrassed that it was too early for the restaurant to serve beer, but he was excited by his Green Eggs and Lamb ($10.50) with merguez lamb sausage and pita. He thought it was a bit under seasoned but tasty.

The flavor here is very simple, which is a refreshing twist from all the decadent new American bacon brunches the rest of Brooklyn offers. But good luck getting a table for brunch on weekends here. By the time we got our food, the place was packed with people waiting outside. So whether you have a baby or not, I recommend getting up extra early for brunch at this popular Mediterranean tavern unless you are like RB and like to have a little drink with your meal.

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