Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Royce' Pop Up 02-12-2013

Location: 28 W. 40th St. (Formerly occupied by Smush)
Time: 1pm

Feelings: A popular Hokkaido based Japanese chocolate company, Royce' has a pop up shop set up across the street from Bryant Park. According to the dashing and informative lady that was serving free samples, they are opening a store at this location. They already have a branch on Madison Avenue (509 Madison Avenue/53rd Street) if you are interested in trying Hokkaido's famous "Nama-Choco," or "raw" chocolate.

Nama chocolates are made of at least 20% cream, so they usually need to be stored in chilled temperature. Their luscious and creamy texture is indicative of a solidified version of decadent  ganache. What I love most about this nama-choco is that they are perishable, much more so than regular chocolates, so it gives you a good excuse to eat the entire box asap.

I never expected to see Royce' in NYC, so this is a delightful surprise. Usually Royce's nama-chocolates are THE souvenirs of choice upon visiting Hokkaido since the area is known for dairy. But whether you're in Hokkaido or not, this pop up is a perfect place to pick up a creamy-dreamy gift for Valentine's Day.


BLee said...

Royce is in Singapore, too! It's _amazing_

Yosh. O said...

Yay! So nice to hear from you on this lovely V-Day!! xo

Helen said...

My friends brought back some cherry liquer (Ginjinha) from Portugal, and we paired it with the champagne Nama Chocolates from Royce. The combination was so good! Now I have to find a place that sells Ginjinha in New York.

Boss Lady said...

Joe bought me 3(!!!) boxes of this for Valentines day. My favorite was the Grand Marnier, followed by the Bitter. The milk chocolate was also very good.

Definitely liked this as a change of pace for a box of chocolates!

Yosh. O said...

Woo go Joe! I hope you ate them asap ;)