Friday, February 15, 2013

Runner & Stone 02-10-2013

Location: 285 3rd Ave. BK
Time: 1pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: We can probably stop associating Gowanus with the superfunded canal now. If you bought an apartment in Gowanus long time ago, good for you. It looks like the fascination over the neighborhood, especially around Carroll and 3rd continues to grow. Across the street from popular culinary establishments like Littleneck and The Pines, Runner & Stone is the latest addition to this artisanal block. Runner & Stone has always been a popular bread vendor at Brooklyn Flea and New Amsterdam Market, so it is great to see these hard working people opening a permanent place.

At 1pm, a table for brunch was 15- 20 minute long. This cute little bakery+restaurant was packed with young Brooklynites--or people who resembled young Brooklynites. Of course several couples had their newborns tightly secured to dad's chest by Ergo.

Since CK was itching to play in the snow, we quickly grabbed a salted soft pretzel ($3) and canele to go. The baker from Per Se and Bouchon really doesn't mess around. Their buckwheat baguettes, spelt ciabatta and buckwheat pear bread all seemed enticing.

The pretzel had a perfect harmony of buttery, sweet and salty in addition to both soft and crispy texture balance. I am not kidding around here. It's darn good. I was so happy when CK was too full to finish the last bite and I finally was able to taste this bready sensation. Carb victory!

The canele was also soft and chewy with the perfect sweetness. There was no way I would have shared this beautifully crafted canele with my husband or son. I'd be delighted to be called out as a canele hoarder.

The baked goods at Runner & Stone have the homemade flair with the taste of sophistication. Excellent French, German and Italian breads with a modern American twist-- it is no wonder this spot is already so successful.

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