Thursday, July 28, 2011

Colonie 07-23-2011

Location: 127 Atlantic Ave. BK
Time: 12pm
People: BLee, Shaumo and myself

Feelings: When you cross Atlantic Avenue to the North side, the neighborhood becomes Brooklyn Heights, utterly beautiful but not the most exciting area of Brooklyn. It is perfect for families if you can afford to live there, but it is so underwhelming and culinarily challenged that it makes you feel like you have moved to the suburbs. I have always wondered why so many celebrities live in this area since it lacks restaurants, bars or stores. Perhaps they just follow steps of the former Brooklyn Heights resident, Truman Capote and say, "I live in Brooklyn. By choice."

Needless to say, Colonie, the only farm to table restaurant in Brooklyn Heights is often packed with the locals as well as Manhattanites. When I think of a farm to table restaurant in Brooklyn, I automatically picture skinny guys with mustaches reading off extensive beer and wine selections, but Colonie promotes itself in a more Brooklyn Heights/Manhattan friendly and less Hipster Brooklyn way. The prices are also Brooklyn Heights friendly with $2 or $3 more for each dish than Smith or Court Streets. The service is excellent and professional, and the staff was in what seemed to be a uniform-- tailored denim shirt with black bottoms.

It was already crowded before noon with the brunch crowd. With extensive drink selections, the menu consisted of "crostini," "cheese," "meat," "baked goods," "salads," "sides," and regular brunch dishes. Pastry lovers BLee and I of course had to get "Basket of baked goods." ($7, tart cherry scone, lemon pistachio muffin, donut, blueberry jam and butter) All three items were excellent and moist, and I especially enjoyed the scrumptious and slightly tart muffin. BLee's favorite was the donut, "which was really a beignet covered in sugar," she said.

My "Asparagus Gruyere Scramble" ($12 with rosemary potatoes) was well executed, and the potatoes were crispy, delicate and flavorful. But as BLee and I both thought, our food was rather unmemorable. Don't get me wrong-- they were plates of exquisite food with best ingredients and executions. "It reminded me of a lot of chic, vaguely French-styled bistros in Manhattan that serve flawless food but have no personality," added BLee. Colonie is like that "perfect guy" you date and can't find any flaws, but you somehow find yourself not being attracted to him. He lacks the oddities, charisma and charm. Colonie is a great, necessary addition to the neighborhood, but alas, we are indeed spoiled by the rest of eclectic, eccentric and budget friendly Brooklyn culinary scene.

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