Monday, August 1, 2011

Fisherman's Dawta 07-30-2011

Location: 407 Atlantic Ave. BK
Time: 3pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: While I enjoy Caribbean flavors, it has always been difficult to find vegetarian friendly dishes. It's a good thing I occasionally eat seafood. It turns out Fisherman's Dawta, located at the former Loretta's next to Bedouin Tent, is serving vegetarian options as well as Caribbean favorites like jerk chicken.

Their backyard patio was still intact from Loretta's and decorated quite cheerfully. If you don't suffer from allergies or the bugs don't seem to annoy you, this is a bit of oasis in Downtown Brooklyn. At this BYOB and counter service joint, you can just kick back and relax a steamy summer afternoon.

There were four dishes on the menu: Jerk chicken ($10), basa fish ($15), shrimp ($15) or Ital stew ($8). All dishes come with generous amount of rice and beans and steamed cabbage. My vegetarian Ital stew was flavorful with a hint of coconut milk, and every vegetable soaked up all the tasty flavors. CK, quite the finicky eater, thoroughly enjoyed this stew with rice and beans, and he managed to finish half of my plate.

RB's jerk chicken was tender and delightfully seasoned. He enjoyed the long lasting but not overpowering heat.

Some people enjoy going to the Caribbeans for vacation, but I almost prefer this mini Brooklyn vacation at the vibrant backyard of Fisherman's Dawta. No packing, no high priced flights, no lines-- just great food and a relaxing time.

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