Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dim Sum at Ocean Jewel Seafood 08-08-2009

Location: 13330 39th Ave. Flushing
Time: 11:30am
People: Jnu, CE, StevenC, RB and myself

Feelings: My very first New York friend, Jnu is leaving the city to pursue his doctorate degree. I soon will refer to him as Dr. Jnu. Ocean Jewel in Flushing is one of the first places he took me for our many delicious food outings, so this was an appropriate place for us to say good bye.

I have had dim sum in Manhattan Chinatown, but nothing comes close to Ocean Jewel in Flushing. It is quite a hike for many to go to Flushing on the 7 train, and I was shamefully 30 minutes late for our farewell dim sum. But it is definitely worth it. With $17 each, we stuffed ourselves with delicious and fresh plates of turnip cakes, taro cakes, rice noodle rolls with shrimp, buk choy, chicken feet, lotus leaf rice, tofu skin rolls, pork buns, stuffed eggplants, douhua, sesame balls and egg tarts.

Although the sign reads it is a seafood restaurant, the place does not have a fishy smell, and the service is extremely fast. When CEbert and I asked if there are any turnip cakes, a cart lady said, "Not right now." Since turnip cakes are our absolute favorite, we were tremendously disappointed. But five minutes later, a cart full of turnip cakes arrived before us. We realized what she meant was "right now," literally. Touché, the cart lady. You sure did not have them right at the moment we asked.

It is quite crowded on weekends here with a line out the door, and it might be difficult to order if you don't either speak Chinese or accustomed with the Yum Cha experience. But bring your friends on the 7 train adventure to Flushing and prepare to be satisfied by Ocean Jewel! Don't forget to stop at Flushing Mall on the way back. You will find plenty of cheap eats and other wares there as well.

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mm said...

ohh, i want to eat here soon! this looks GOOD!