Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spice is Right 08-09-2009

Location: 781 Franklin Ave. BK
People: PMont, The Boss and her friend, Osha, Rich, SanH, Nelson, Kim, Hilary, Steven C, RB and myself

Feelings: Osha suggested a great way to spend summer Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn:
1) Meet at an outdoor bar
2) Take out Caribbean food
3) Dance party at the Yard

We first met up at a low key outdoor bar in Prospect/Crown Heights, Franklin Park Bar and enjoyed their impressive beer selections with friends. When we started to get hungry, we sneaked out to a neighborhood Caribbean takeout joint, Spice is Right, which is conveniently located half a block away. We took turns and brought food back to the bar.

I could smell the jerk chicken as I approached the place. I was worried to see if they had any vegetarian friendly dishes since all I could smell was meat inside. But there were vegetable patties, fried plantains, peas and rice, and fish for the pescatarians. I decided to try a veggie patty out of the slim vegetarian friendly options. As I bit into it, I realized that I never had any authentic patties in my life until now. It was flaky outside, and the vegetable fillings were moist and flavorful. I would love to try their fried plantains next time.

RB ordered ox tail with rice and salad. Although it was mostly bones as an ox tail often is, he thought the meat was tender and flavorful. I tried a few bites of the rice soaked in all the oxy juice, and it sure was full of bold flavor. It almost allured me to take a bite of the meat. They give you a lot of food for the price. He ordered a medium size, and they really filled up a large styrofoam container, rice spilling out everywhere as he opened. Spice is Right is indeed right with price being right.

I highly recommend picking up some food and enjoy beer and cool atmosphere at the outdoor bar. I am not sure if they actually allow you to bring food in, but no one mentioned anything when we were there.

After the greasy food and beer, we burned calories dancing at the BKLYN Yard in Gowanus.
$10 cover was a bit steep for outdoor dance party by Gowanus canal while mosquitoes devouring my veggie patty flavored blood from my arms and legs. But I had a fun day out with friends on hot summer Sunday afternoon.

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