Saturday, August 15, 2009

Huarache from The Yard 08-09-2009

Location: BKLYN Yard, 388-400 Carroll St.
Time: 6pm
People: Osha, Rich, RB and myself

Feelings: Osha took us to "Sunday Best" dance party at BKLYN Yard by Gowanus canal. There was a $10 charge, which I thought was a little steep for an outdoor party, but I suppose I am not living in Brooklyn circa 2000 anymore. Everything, including outdoor and warehouse parties cost at least $10 nowadays. I sound old.

There was a definite fun and relaxed atmosphere with dance floor, mirror ball, DJs, bar, crowds and dogs lounging around by the canal and so on, and there was of course, food. We ran to the taco stand and ordered a chicken huarache.

Lettuce, tomatoes, chicken on a giant hot fried masa was presented to us, and RB had a difficult time holding it without spilling it everywhere. The masa was very greasy, and my fingers felt like I just applied vaselline all over. RB thought it was greasy and crispy and tasted as a huarache should taste like: a giant, crispy and greasy taco.

It was indeed perfect dancing food, and it went down smoothly with warm Papst and mirror ball. Most people get greasy food AFTER a night of dancing and drinking, but here at The Yard, you can save your precious time and eat huarache during your dance session. Truly innovative.

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