Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kwik Meal Cart 08-14-2009

Location: 45th St. and 6th Ave.
Time: 12:30pm
People: GB, OSha and myself

Feelings: Osha took us to his favorite food cart, Kwik Meal, located conveniently near both of our work. Apparently, Mr. Muhammed Rahman, who runs the cart, is a former chef at Russian Tea Room, and the cart has been all over the media. He actually has all the media coverage posted all over the cart, including from a Japanese magazine.

It was indeed a "kwik meal" despite the long line. After ordering a falafel on rice ($5.50), I waited for less than a minute, and it showed up in a plastic bag. Osha ordered chicken on rice, which he said is the best here, and GB picked up a veggie pita sandwich. We waited a total of three to five minutes for the three lunches. I am not sure how they make this happen, but four diligent chefs in the cramped cart must somehow make this possible. After seeing them work, my cubicle does not seem so small anymore.

The portion was perfect, and my falafel on rice had more sophisticated flavor than I would expect from a food cart. It was fresh, clean, and well seasoned without any over-greasiness that I would fear from many food carts. I especially enjoyed their addictive yogurt sauce, which represents the cart's light and flavorful take on food cart meal. GB and I somehow thought it would be a stick to your ribs, ultra spicy experience, but it was very light and just a perfect size lunch that would not ruin your afternoon at work.


david said...

yoshie-- I LOVE this cart. definitely the best chicken and rice, especially in that gastronomical wasteland that is often midtown. glad you featured it!

Yosh. O said...

i didnt know you get lunch in midtown! let me know next time!