Sunday, August 16, 2009

Date with Ikea 08-15-2009

Location: 1 Beard St. Red Hook, BK
Time: 1pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: I first learned about Ikea from the Pavement's song, "Date with Ikea." More than a decade later, every time we have Swedish food with friends, someone always makes a comparison with Ikea's Swedish meatballs and Princess Cake.

Since RB and I were shopping for furniture at Ikea in Red Hook, we finally decided to try their Swedish meatballs and Princess Cake. Now we too can be the people who compare all Swedish food to Ikea's.

According to RB, Swedish meatballs usually either taste too grizzly or too dry. Ikea's meatballs for $4.99 were neither. They were actually decent and much better than what you would expect from a furniture store. The lingonberry sauce was tangy and sweet and complimented the cream with contrasting flavor.

My Princess Cake ($1.29) was unfortunately still frozen, so I could not taste much flavor. As princess ice cream cake, it still tasted adequate. The marzipan was very soggy, but I am sure this too should be decent when it's all defrosted properly.

Our date with Ikea was a success. Now it is time for us to go to a Swedish restaurant and make all sorts of comparisons in the name of Ikea.


Unknown said...

I am thoroughly saddened that your dessert was still frozen. I was served a rock hard frozen piece of apple pie once and have not truly recovered. On the upside nice to know the overwhelming thoughts on Ikea meatballs being good were true from the AQ Kafe outing.

Yosh. O said...

eww frozen apple pie