Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catania 07-17-2011

Location: 193 Atlantic Ave. BK
Time: 1pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Catania, a Sicilian style cafe, opened just this past spring, but I went for the first time this weekend. The food of the former occupants, also Italian, was dreadful, and I did not expect much from yet another Italian spot. But Catania turns out to be more than a pleasant surprise.

In a quiet, serene atmosphere, friendly owners from Italy take pride in their food, pastries and coffee here. I tried Iris al Cioccolato ($3.25, Crispy Brioche with Chocolate Cream), which was by far the best breakfast treat or daytime dessert in the neighborhood. The outer layer was crispy with panko like crumbs, and filling of the chocolate pastry cream was smooth and succulent. Overall this Italian style donut was light and not overly sweet at all.

As for their delicious coffee, they use organic fair trade beans from Stone Street Coffee Co. in Brooklyn and Miscela d'Oro in Sicily. Where can you find organic coffee and espresso at $1.75 nowadays? My iced decaf Americano ($2.75) was shaken like a martini, and the flavor was strong. It really is a coffee lover's heaven.

I cannot wait to try their pasta, pizza, salad, cakes and many other Sicilian specialties they carry. With Sahadi's, Damascus, Yemen Cafe, Atlantic Fruit and Veg, and now Catania, the area of Court Street and Atlantic Avenue is quite a culinary destination of Brooklyn.


Mina said...

what is that thing?! it looks so good!!

Yosh. O said...

Iris al Cioccolato ($3.25, Crispy Brioche with Chocolate Cream)!

Mina said...

Haha yea I should've read the whole post. My immediate reaction was to look at the picture and go GAHHHHHHHHHH :D

Yosh. O said...

lol it's soooo goooood