Sunday, November 15, 2009

Atlantic Fruit & Veg. 11-15-2009

Location: 181 Atlantic Ave.
Time: all the time

Feelings: There are many grocers in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill area, and even a farmer's market, but Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable on Atlantic Avenue is hands down our favorite in the area. They have the freshest produce and also fresh tofu, which they keep in a bucket of water similar to tofu shops in Japan. Their quality and selection of produce is always consistent, and the price is of course better than Whole Foods. Not everything here is organic, but if you skip The "Dirty Dozen," you can certainly have healthy produce without pesticides.

They also somehow carry serious Japanese and Korean condiments and frozen food, which is a nice surprise. I usually have to stock up on my Japanese necessities such as dashi, ponzu, and men-tsuyu whenever I shop at Sunrise or Jas Mart in Manhattan, so this is quite convenient!

Also unlike Key Food next door, people at Atlantic Fruit & Veg are friendly and courteous. They seem to really care about their store and produce. It is nice to have a store with local spirit and care for the neighborhood people.


Gar said...

i don't live in Brooklyn, but once in a blue mooon, I visit Sahadi, then get some pita bread next door and then this supermarket just because I love all the display of fresh veggies and fruits. :)

ALev said...

I love that place! We shop there all the time. Surprisingly fresh produce!