Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RB Makes Mushipan! 11-17-2009

Feelings: When we visited Osaka earlier this year, RB became obsessed with mushipan, the Japanese steamed cake. Each day we would try different bakeries around the city to try to find the best mushipan. He was quite fond of its chewy and soft texture and subtle sweetness. After desperately looking for decent mushipan back in NYC, he realized that the best way to go is to actually make one himself. He found a recipe here, and all I needed to do was to translate.

He simply mixed the batter (olive oil, yogurt, egg, flour, baking powder, vanilla, sugar) and added some dark chocolate chips, and it was left in the steamer for 10 minutes. It was moist and fluffy, and the bitter sweetness of chocolate chips complimented the vanilla cake. I hope he'll keep obsessing over other Japanese dishes so he'll make them for me!

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