Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yemen Cafe 10-06-2009

Location: 176 Atlantic Ave. BK
Time: 7pm
People: 11 Ramen and Friends: GB, Rich, MGru, CEbert, CarlA, JBH, PeeWee, Bill, StevenC, RB and myself

Feelings: Run to Yemen Cafe with friends, NOW. It is crucial to go with a group of people to this incredible Yemeni restaurant in Cobble Hill. The entrees seem expensive from $13-17, however, they are large enough to share with two or three people. 11 of us ordered appetizers, poultry entrees, lamb entrees, Yemeni tea along with complimentary salad and enormous malouj flat bread, for only $15 (including more than 20% tip) with overstuffed stomachs. Please note they do not serve alcohol, so you should stop by at Last Exit before/after your meal here.

Yemen Cafe is a very casual neighborhood place without any fancy decor, except for a sexy in-the-wall fish tank. It definitely has a bit of 70's loungy flair, but it still is very family friendly. The staff is courteous and quick without any annoyance, and they give you what you need and leave you alone to enjoy the delicious food.

CEbert had mentioned to me several times that their fassolia ($7, white kidney beans, sauteed onions, tomatoes and eggs) is heavenly, so we started off our meal with three fassolia plates, foul ($7, sauteed onions, tomatoes, mashed fava beans), hummus ($7) and babaghanouj ($7). Fassolia is a ovo-vegetarian's meat dish! The protein combination of beans and eggs and spices bring out amazingly bold flavor that is seldom possible for vegetarian dishes. I am thankful I live in the neighborhood since I know I now will have a fassolia craving weekly.

CarlA mentioned to me that he did not like fava beans because of the distinctive smell, but as soon as he tasted the foul, he had overcome his fear of all things fava. He kept asking to pass him the dish, and it seemed there was a new culinary love connection between CarlA and fava beans. MGru and RB agreed how smooth and delicious their hummus was, and JBH was very happy with the babaghanouj.

For entrees, the three vegetarians/vegans shared vegetables on rice ($10). The long rice was perfectly cooked, and vegetables soaked up all the delicious sauce. It was equivalent of a nice ratatouille or Japanese nimono: the ultimate comfort food. The rest of the group shared haneez ($17, slow roasted lamb with rice and veggies) and massloug lamb ($17, lamb sauteed and boiled in seasoned mirepoix, with rice and veggies) and chicken zorbian ($13, chicken with rice). The haneez was slow oven roasted and seasoned to perfection. The tender lamb meat fell off the bone and fell apart to the touch. The massloug was more heavily seasoned, which provided a nice contrast against the haneez. The chicken zorbian looked quite simple, and it seemed just like some chicken and rice, but the flavor was none other.

I left the place with full of joy! Sharing great food with great friends at a reasonable price brings such happiness to people. Grab your Flu-free friends and head out to Yemen Cafe! I will see you there.


Gar said...

is that a pool of olive oil in the hummus? $7 is a little takai for it though. But I've heard great things about this restaurant. Too bad I don't live in Brooklyn.

Yosh. O said...

pic on the bottom left is Foul, and the right is yes, hummus with olive oil! yum. Both dishes were huge.

Unknown said...

Lots of people were jealous that they missed this particular R&F, as well they should be! It was amazing! We should go again in November. :-)