Monday, October 5, 2009

Atlantic Antic 10-04-2009

Location: Atlantic Ave. BK
Time: 1pm
People: JLam from MeSoHungry, StevenC, RB and myself

Feelings: At 8am on Sunday morning, I was awakened by the noise of clanging metal tents from Atlantic Avenue. By noon, unbearable sounds of a Doors cover band from the Atlantic Chip Shop made me leave our apartment. I was going to do some laundry next door, but forgetaboutit. The crowds for the 35th annual Atlantic Antic between the Fourth Avenue and Hicks Street completely took over the entire Atlantic Avenue! Atlantic Antic is the biggest street festival in the city, and I was entirely overwhelmed by the power of Brooklyn.

As a Ramen and Friends member BLee quoted, the street was filled with brown and beige color street food. Mezcal's, Chip Shop, La Mancha, Sahardi's, Damascus Bakery- They all opened up vendors for a quick bite to eat for less than $10. It is a great way to try out a new restaurant or new types of food.

I especially enjoyed a little ball, pumpkin kibbe ($2), from Damascus Bakery. It was a great mixture of ball with savory, slightly sweet flavor and a touch of tanginess. The super nachos ($5) from Mezcal's was also surprisingly fresh, and the chips were crisp. It was overall superb and a great deal for $5. RB lined up for a brisket sandwich from Waterfront Ale House. It was tender and tasty but a bit over sauced. JLam also managed to get the incredibly greasy cod fritter from a Spanish church on Court Street.

At this point, we were too thirsty and got sick of seeing the Go-Go dancers in front of Last Exit bar, so we got a $10 all you can drink old fashioned soda pop. We tried every flavor, and they all tasted like super-sweet cough syrup! With the sun beating my face, cough syrup and all kinds of beige food in my stomach, I was not feeling quite so well, and I still couldn't get to the laundromat.

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Sara Shacket said...

eh, the atlantic antic used to be fun, with interesting vendors and good food. now it's more like a standard NY street fair with boring food and generic vendors. but at least some local places still come through. we walked it for about two blocks and decided it was too crowded and not worth it.