Sunday, October 4, 2009

Delicatessen 10-03-2009

Location: 54 Prince St.
Time: 7pm
People: Mr. and Mrs. X, RB and myself

Feelings: We went on a hot double date at Delicatessen, the ironically posh spot in SoHo. I often walk past this place to McJ Bookstore, and I have been waiting to try the place since they opened a short while ago. It seems this New American-modern comfort food-restaurants are everywhere, more than ramen shops in East Village, and it may be starting to get a bit tired. But Delicatessen is a perfect place for Saturday night for a hot date or double date. With their modern decor, attractive staff and completely exposed dining area, we felt comfortable and ready to have a great time. I have to say if you are on a blind date here, it would be easy for your date to run off since the entire dining room is outdoors!

We shared tuna tataki ($12, with cilantro, sesame, ponzu) and the beet and escarole salad for appetizers. The tuna was fresh, and the sauce had an amazingly layered flavor. I keep ponzu at home and pour it on pretty much everything, but their sauce was especially sweet, tangy and dense. Just one piece of tataki was satisfying. The salad was also incredibly fresh, and the creamy goat cheese complimented the crispiness of the escarole. RB and I usually dislike beets, but we surprisingly enjoyed theirs.

For entrees, Mr. X ordered "Grandma's Meatloaf" ($15, with whipped potatoes, and green beans), and Mrs. X got the mushroom risotto with much excitement. RB of course ordered his favorite mussles and frites but was dissappointed when the frites turned out to be a seperate side of french fries. I suppose this is their take on the traditional mussles and frites, but the best part of the dish is eating the soggy frites that soaked up all the juicy mussle garlic juice! RB was sad to miss these much anticipated soggy frites.

I ordered chinoise salad ($12, cabbage, tofu, soy beans, kimchee pears, crisp noodles with ginger-lime dressing.), which was refreshing and tasty but not as exciting as the beets and escarole salad from the appetizer. We finished our meal with the classic American cheesecake ($8) and strawberry shortcake ($8) and some coffee and tea.

I understand that this is a very busy establishment on Saturday night with delicious food, but we felt rushed throughout the meal. While we were finishing up our salad and mussles, the waiter tried to take our plates. Also, the hostess rather politely asked us to leave the table after we finished our dessert instead of escorting us to their lounge area. I saw a lot of people waiting for a table, so I completely understand, but I wanted to enjoy my comfort food in a slower pace. Or is this their new take on comfort food as well? Uncomfortable comfort food?

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