Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Q&A with R&F: Exclusive One on One with BLee

R&F: Who are you?
BLee: My father’s daughter … and my mother’s dress-up doll.
R&F: What do you do? What do you do for fun?
BLee: Several vaguely artsy things that pay in beans or not at all. I like to be physically active for fun, but I’m rather bad at it.
R&F: Where can we find you?
BLee: Who knows? I’m a blur, a shark that has to keep moving to stay alive.
R&F: Your blog or website?
BLee: I write some things sometimes for I also work at a hidden jewel of a museum:
R&F: Your favorite food?
BLee: Pumpkin! It works sweet or savory. I love all the late autumn flavors: gingerbread, maple, cinnamon, cranberry, lebkuchen, glühwein.
R&F: Your favorite restaurant?
BLee: Momofuku anything – I’ll never tire of the lucky peach. (I’d say Café Sabarsky if the service didn’t suck so bad.)
R&F: Woo-- I love Café Sabarsky's Sachertorte! Your most memorable Ramen and Friends outing?
BLee: Sripaphai night in Woodside, Queens. I had seriously underestimated Thai food til then. No longer!
R&F: Your most horrific food related experience?
BLee: I went to Japan as a young child still unawares, incredibly, that I was allergic to soy. After eating an elaborate tofu/soy banquet, I remember having difficulty breathing and being sedated at some point. It put me off Japanese food for a good 10 years.
R&F: I know you and I both don't drink much alcohol. Do you find that difficult during your outings with your friends?
BLee: My friends know that I’m not a moralizing teetotaler, and that I’ll have a gin & tonic occasionally. It’s more of a professional inconvenience. All writers are not-so-secret alcoholics.
R&F: What do you find most difficult when you are writing?
BLee: Not enough time.
R&F: Tell me what you ate and drink today.
BLee: I often wake up because I’m hungry. Hunger is a good alarm clock. After a bowl of flax cereal with almond milk, for 2nd breakfast I had crispbread with almond butter and banana slices. I went to Gusto Organics for lunch: spinach tarta with mesclun salad. The whole place is 100% organic – even the little cup for dressing. (I can’t believe it’s not plastic!) I also drank my daily bottle of Ito En’s Oi Ocha. I have a regular yoga practice, and afterwards I’m not hungry for a big meal. I had GT’s Kombucha tea, walnuts, and steamed broccoli around 9pm. I am constantly drinking water because I am always, always thirsty. Nevertheless, my friends who would know such things have persuaded me that I’m not diabetic. Yet.

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