Friday, February 18, 2011

Il Cantuccio 02-17-2011

Location: 91 Christopher St.
Time: 12:30pm
People: SaSha and myself

Feelings: This is a quintessential New York moment. On our way to Marc Jacobs' "10 Yr Anniversary MbMJ Pop-up Shop," which was a bit of a disappointment, we came across a cute Italian bakery with a sign that says "Best Sandwich in NYC."

The decor is rustic and modern, and with amicable Italian service and the Italian speaking customers while sipping cappuccino, it truly made me feel like I was in Florence. There were too many delicious options to choose from, especially the pastries, and I appreciated that they listed all their detailed ingredients. I made sure I had Lactaid and ordered mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on focaccia bread ($8.50). Coming from a bakery, the bread was the star of this sandwich. It was crispy outside, and soft and delicate inside. As a overall sandwich, however, it was a bit too salty and underwhelming. Perhaps next time, I'll try their potato focaccia or brioche sandwiches.

We of course did not leave without picking up their cantucci, at the steep price of $7.45 per a quarter of pound (about 4-5 cookies). But it is worth every lira, euro, or penny. They were little scrumptious flavors of heaven, and Paula Deen would be pleasantly surprised that they do not contain any butter. I tried three different flavors: hazelnut, fig, and chocolate, and they all contained a nice, soft and chewy texture. The chocolate one was especially mouthwatering with a chunk of creamy dark chocolate at the center.

Save your airfare. There is already a tiny piece of Italy here. I would sit delightfully for hours at Il Cantuccio with a cup of coffee and cantucci. It is kids friendly as well, so I could bring CK here for a little taste of Italy.


Unknown said...

I had some really tasty food in the MOMA Cafe today. I think we should look into an R&F outing there one weekend. The dessert is definitely worth it, dunno about the entry fee though.

Yosh. O said...

Ooh~ Terrace 5 or Cafe 2?