Thursday, December 8, 2011

MMM...Enfes @ Columbus Circle Holiday Market 12-06-2011

Location: Columbus Circle
Time: 12pm

Feelings: When I was a little girl in Osaka, after monthly orthodontic appointment, my mother took me for a nice stroll in the city followed with a rather high end cafe for a plate of hot cakes and a glass of freshly squeezed juice. She must have felt bad that I was enduring agonizing pain, so the expensive plate of fluffy cakes and refreshing juice became a consolation prize.

This ritual has stayed with me to this day-- after my dental appointment, I took a nice stroll on Central Park South. Unfortunately I could not afford an expensive cafe brunch, but I did happen upon a festive scene at Columbus Circle Holiday Market.

There were plenty of great food options: empanadas, apple cider donuts, Wafels & Dinges, Bratwurst and Red Basil Thai Kitchen from Astoria. MMM..Enfes, a booth with Turkish pastries especially caught my eye. It seemed to catch the eyes of many men as well since there was a line of men drooling over their pastries and fetching booth lady. One guy was eagerly asking her, "What is Baklava?" C'mon, this UWS type must certainly have known what baklava ($1.50 each) was, especially since he pronounced it perfectly.

RB and I used to enjoy gul bourek almost every week when we lived in Astoria, so I, only female in line, craved a feta gul bourek ($6) and ordered one without hesitation. Since they re-heated it with oil on the grill, it was a bit greasy but overall delicious and filling. Their gul bourek is not bread-y by any means--it is all about juicy spinach and feta cheese. The dough was soft and slightly flaky, gently supporting all the ample inside. Overall it was incredibly soft and all gently melted in my mouth.

Although I don't have any more dental appointments the rest of the year, I hope to head back to the holiday market soon and try the Thai food from Astoria.


Sara Shacket said...

yum, let me know when you're going back! I may join you. I am sad to see that Pies n' Thighs are not there this year. I went a few times last year just for their chicken biscuit :)

Yosh. O said...

Oh yes, I might be reminded of a dentist, but I'd def love to go back soon.