Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Revisit: Food Gallery 32 02-26-2011

Location: 11 W 32nd St.
Time: 2pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: I usually avoid Midtown on weekends since it reminds me too much of the dreadful work week. But on this particular Saturday, we had a grown-up thing to take care of in Midtown: an appointment with our new accountant. While I tried to keep full attention to what was said during the meeting, it was inevitable for my mind to drift away and think how close the office was to Food Gallery 32.

As we finished the appointment and thought about the overwhelming amount of homework heaped upon us, we relaxed at where else, Food Gallery 32. It seems there have been many changes since the last visit. Their strange central ordering station was gone, and I saw Red Mango next to the beverage area and also something called Crepe Monster on the third floor. They also had plenty of regular sized plastic cups available by the water cooler, so you don't need to spend money on expensive bottled water anymore.

I was also impressed how they maintained their neat and clean atmosphere. They had a cleaning crew on standby at the dining area who would clean up your plates and tables, so we did not see any clutter anywhere. I wish we can get them to come to our apartment.

At the last visit, I enjoyed their noodles, but this time we both tried their bibimbap. My tofu bibimbap was tasty, and the rice was well cooked. RB enjoyed his bulgolgi bibimbap and said it was clean and very yummy fast food. What I enjoyed the most was their miso soup with fish cakes. The texture of fish cakes were interesting, and they soaked up all the delicious flavors from the soup.

As a blogger of Ramen and Friends, I really must try their "Cheese Ramen" soon, but I am just too afraid of what the combination of greasy ramen and lactose might bring. CK also enjoyed this family friendly food court establishment, but as a parent and five inch heel lover, I do wish they had a less scary staircase.

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