Friday, March 4, 2011

My Favorite Thing: Sugar Toast from Panya

Feelings: Carbs are often perceived as evil and have become the blame of all things in the U.S., but having grown up in Japan, I live on carbs, especially rice and noodles. I do try to eat healthy complex carbs such as soba and multi-grain rice just like many other health conscious New Yorkers, but I do have my vice: Japanese baked goods. Sure, I do enjoy melonpan and anpan, but my favorite is Panya's sugar toast. Can it be any better than thickly cut shokupan (Japanese white bread) lightly toasted with butter and sugar?

I like to microwave this for a bit to eat it warm. The sugary butter starts to melt again, and the fluffy white bread soaks up all the buttery juices. Tasty!

Sugar toast is usually available at Panya on Stuyvesant in East Village and Sunrise Mart in Midtown.

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Mina said...

Now I want some of that butter sugar stuff in a tube. You know what I'm talking about.