Friday, June 3, 2011

Coolhaus Truck 06-03-2011

Location: Atlantic Avenue between Henry and Clinton

Feelings: I often see Coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck in Midtown during my lunch hour, but when I saw them parked on my block in Cobble Hill, I was slightly confused. It is a sleepy section of Brooklyn, so I actually thought they were just parking there or on their way to nearby gas station. It turns out they were actually there for business, so RB picked us up a Guinness Chip ice cream sandwich made with vegan chocolate chip cookies ($5).

The sandwich was cleverly presented with an edible wrapper made of potatoes, which reminded me of a wafer to wrap a dose of powdered medicine from my childhood. It is always pleasant to see an environmentally friendly vendor, and I hope more food trucks will participate in bringing down the waste.

The Guinness ice cream was refreshing and smooth without being overly creamy or sweet. It reminded me a bit of coffee or tea ice cream flavor and really complimented the moistness of the cookies. If they used extra creamy ice cream like Blue Marble, this sandwich would be overpowered with heaviness and quite sloppy, but the consistency of their ice cream was perfectly done right for the purpose of ice cream sandwiches.

Since we have an ant problem at home, we shared the sandwich using a knife and spoon on a plate in the kitchen, but this would be a wonderful summer treat to devour right out of your hand. Actually, the sandwich is actually quite big, so you might need both of your hands.


BLee said...

I had their nutmeg-pear sorbet with chocolate chocolate-chip cookies -- yum!

Yosh. O said...

OOhh I had no idea that they had sorbet!

Mina said...

Oh Mah God. My vice.