Monday, August 8, 2011

Seersucker 08-07-2011

Location: 329 Smith St.
Time: 1pm
People: FA, DA, RB, CK and myself

Feelings: CK is at the age where he cannot sit still for a second. He wants to explore the world and chases after pretty ladies and shiny objects. Having a son makes me really realize that men do not change that much as they grow up. How many men do you know who can hold still without the help of electronic devices or ladies?

Fortunately, Seersucker, located right in front of Carroll Park is sophisticated yet kid friendly Southern inspired spot. (It was even voted as one of the best toddler-friendly new restaurants by New York Magazine.) The hostess was perhaps the most genuinely delightful and courteous person, which matched with their Southern theme. A true Southern hospitality can be found here. If you live in BoCoCa and go for a brunch, you usually will encounter at least two or three kids, but this place was particularly courteous to kids and the parents. They treated us just like any other patrons, but with extra care and thoughtfulness. There was a 45 minute wait for a table, but they took my cel phone number on their iPad, which gave us a bit of play time at Carroll Park.

As with the other tables, there was a bit of a wait for our food to arrive, so if you are hungry, I would suggest to order big glasses of drinks since they don't quite have many appetizers for brunch. They also serve complimentary house filtered still or sparkling water.

The food was worth the wait. My "Vermont cheddar omelette" ($11, with salad and biscuit) was perfectly cooked and seasoned without any distractions from cheese. There were no bumps or lumps on the eggs--it was as if the omelette was wearing Spanx.The eggs just melted in my mouth ever so smoothly. This is eggs, I thought. Now I am not sure if I could ever eat all those overcooked, runny or misshaped eggs from the rest of the New American brunch spots in the area.

I used to live in Florida for almost six years, and while I miss almost nothing about the state, I miss the good biscuits. The craving was handsomely satisfied by the Seersucker's version. Their biscuit was cubic and minuscule, yet significant compliment of the brunch. It was moist, smooth, and soft without being sickeningly buttery. Perfection.

There are indeed tons of modernized Southern restaurants in the area, but Seersucker truly brings the refined flavors of Southern comfort food. When you hear "Southern food" and think of gigantic, greasy food that overstuffs you, this is not the place for you. The portions here are small, but every bite is incredibly powerful and hearty--sans extra calories and Tums. Who knew "quality over quantity" would successfully work with Southern cuisine?

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