Monday, August 22, 2011

Fonda Nolita 08-20-2011

Location: 267 Elizabeth St.
Time: 5pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: I have many, many phobias. So much so that when I watch "Monk" re-runs, I wonder why people think it is funny. Here is my main list of phobias:

1) Nature
2) Summer, warm weather
3) Sweating
4) Any strong smells
5) Uncleanliness
6) Suburbs, anywhere that I cannot find Duane Reade or sample sales within 20 minutes.

So where do people like myself go to enjoy the end of the summer? It certainly is not the beach, inhabited with too much nature, sweat and strong sunscreen smells. My summer spot is Fonda Nolita, a bit of the Yucatan oasis in the heart of Nolita. This garage with high heel friendly concrete floor and skylights decorated with a laid back Mexican beach theme is hands down my perfect vacation spot.

Tacombi, a VW taco bus located inside of this lofty garage, serves one of the crispiest and freshest fish tacos outside of San Diego. Their crispy fish taco ($4) is incredibly crunchy without the unwanted oiliness and grease. The batter to fish ratio is a perfection, and all the fresh ingredients shine through. The seared Veracruz fish taco ($4) is not at all boring either. The fish in a serrano rub, pickled chiles, onions, and green tomatillo and avocado salsa created layers of delicate and tasty flavor with a slight kick.

RB's Chorizo Breakfast and Mexicana Breakfast Tacos ($4 each) were spicy and scrumptious treats. RB has always been a fan of breakfast sandwiches, and any place offering all-day breakfast tacos is truly after his heart.

I also recommend their refreshing hibiscus tea or watermelon water ($3), which comes in a gigantic glass that I could not finish. This is also a kid friendly spot, and as a part of kid friendly menu, all of their tacos can be split into two mini tacos sans hot sauce.

Fonda Nolita is a relaxing and kid friendly oasis with tasty tacos and quality ingredients, located in walking distance of all the Nolita boutiques. Many people may prefer to spend their summer weekends on the beach, but I prefer to spend them next to people in designer shoes, devouring delicious tacos.

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