Wednesday, August 24, 2011

City Sandwich 08-22-2011

Location: 649 9th Ave.
Time: 12pm

Feelings: Sandwich shops are usually not vegetarian friendly, one of the reasons I don't care for sandwiches. While I enjoy my occasional sandwiches from Despana, Salume, and Van Horn, the section of vegetarian friendly sandwiches is always quite limited. Midtown especially lacks modern gourmet sandwich shops that incorporate vegetarian dishes, so I almost never have one during workdays.

City Sandwich, Portuguese and Italian influenced sandwich shop in Hell's Kitchen, is an ideal place for pescetarians, vegetarians and vegans alike. All the sandwiches are categorized into three: Without meat (includes seafood, color-coded with green), With Meat (color-coded with red), and With Eggs (color-coded with yellow). Alas, non meat eaters will never have to be left with one sad avocado and alfalfa on toast any longer.

I ordered "Nonna," ($7.25, omelet, sauteed onions, fresh oregano, melted mozzarella, olive oil), which was generous in portion, especially with substantial amount of eggs. As a Lactaid popper, I appreciated that it did not come with too much cheese, and also as a result the overall sandwich did not taste greasy. It remained as a rather light and simple fare. The eggs were overcooked, but the softness of the bread and the kick of oregano kept the soul of the sandwich intact.

I can't wait to try their octopus salad sandwiches since I hear that it is quite fresh and delicious. Sardines play an important role in Portuguese culinary culture, so I should obviously try their sardine sandwich as well. For those of you who are anti-carb, all of their sandwiches can be served without bread or as open sandwiches. The wait here is rather long, so I would recommend to call ahead and order as a pick up. You will save about 10 minutes and take more time enjoying your succulent Portuguese sandwich.

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