Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Did You Have for Lunch? 08-24-2011

Feelings: I don't really care if Will Smith and Jada are staying together or how many dresses Kim Kardashian wore for her wedding, but I am always curious about what other people had for lunch. Here's the list of lunch people had on Wednesday, the 24th.

Most of the items below came from people who live in NYC, but some are from LA, Atlanta, DC, London and Beijing. Can you guess which one was my lunch?
  • Chicken and kale
  • Lamb korma with nan
  • Ham and cucumber sandwich with mayo
  • Thai tofu and eggplant
  • Virtual lunch
  • Pizza
  • Harusame soup
  • Pesto with tortellini and a brownie
  • 99 cent pizza and a Pepsi
  • Eggplant with cannellini beans and a side of fries
  • Thai yellow curry with chicken with a side of calamari
  • Pork and veggie dumplings and a scallion pancake
  • Spinach salad and chocolate marble yogurt muffin
  • This spicy half crepe, half omelet thing that was folded into this burrito looking mass and a bottle of strange iced tea (All for $1!)
  • Egg, cheese and potato wrap
  • Spicy grilled chicken hot wrap
  • Green smoothie (avocado, mango, spinach and frozen berries)
  • Veggie burger, hummus and Swiss cheese sandwich
  • Roasted chicken with steamed rice, a banana
What did YOU have for lunch?


kim said...

Since you're a pescetarian, I would guess egg, cheese and potato wrap? Or perhaps the veggie burger? Take care, the hurricane is coming. Have you stocked up?

Yosh. O said...

Mine is actually spinach salad :)

Yep-- we stocked up with a lot of Japanese dried food and snacks! Stay safe this weekend.