Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bocca Lupo 03-05-2011

Location: 391 Henry St. BK
Time: 12:30pm
People: MA, ES, RB, CK and myself

Feelings: If anyone asks me what Cobble Hill is like, I would tell them to go to Bocca Lupo on Henry Street. During brunch time, you would see what Cobble Hill is all about: strollers and yogi moms, bearded dads and their equally hip kids sharing food at the counter, and writers comparing notes on their next script. Having said that, if you have a baby phobia, I would not recommend this place for brunch unless you want a reminder for birth control.

The interior of this quaint Italian eatery is also quintessential Brooklyn: reclaimed wooden tables and chairs and a long bar. With its clean and cozy atmosphere, it exudes the essence of neighborhood hangout. The service was friendly, and they were helpful to us with a baby and accommodating our stroller.

Looking through the prices of their menu, I thought the portions would be small, but it turned out to be bigger than I had expected. My panini with eggs, vegetables and goat cheese ($9) was flavorful, and the eggs were cooked to perfection. I usually do not like American panini since they tend to be greasy and overstuffed, but this was light yet filling.

For RB and myself, the highlight of the brunch was the side of pickled cauliflower that came with the panini. I would usually avoid cauliflower for its blandness and mushy texture, but they completely proved me wrong. I learned that just like tofu, cauliflower can also be turned into the most delicious source of flavor and texture. Also from their vegetable antipasti, I could really taste their fresh ingredients and sensible, delicate flavoring.

Bocca Lupo, Hibino, Henry Public... Henry Street really is full of wonderful neighborhood gems. When you had too much of the bustling Court and Smith Streets, I would recommend taking a stroll on this quiet section of Brooklyn.

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