Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Idaho Spud Candy Bar 03-08-2011

Feelings: Once upon a time, I was an aspiring filmmaker. After studying film and television, I was ready to conquer the world until I saw how expensive my rent and monthly bills would be, and I was too high maintenance and my high heels were five inches too high to live a bohemian lifestyle. So I did just what every other film school graduates did: work at an office cubicle in corporate media industry. If I could go back 10 years ago and tell myself to get a real degree that actually makes money, I would. But I am here now, slightly defeated.

If aspiring filmmakers and writers stereotypically turn to alcohol for inspiration, what do office workers look to? Candy. When my coworker shared this obscure, retro looking candy called "Idaho Spud Candy Bar," I had to give it a try. This potato shaped candy has the most interesting texture of marshmallow and coconut. According to their website, the marshmallow inside is drenched with dark chocolate, but as I ate it, I could not quite figure out what exactly I was eating. Although it was too sweet for my palate, the unique texture amused my senses.

If you're tired of Hershey's and KitKat, why not add this strange candy bar to your candy bucket collection?


Jose said...

An astute observation of the mundane soul crushing nature of working in corporate media cube land. It is sad how us cube workers try to make our lives better than through refined sugar and cellophane wrappers.

Yosh. O said...

sad indeed!

Unknown said...

You know a co-worker introduced me to irish potatoes recently and they're coconut nougat covered in cinnamon dusting so they look like a little potato. It was ridiculously sweet for my palet but for those who like coconut it may be a real treat. I'll stick to Almond Joys though.