Monday, December 5, 2011

Birdbath SoHo 11-22-2011

Location: 160 Prince St.
Time: 12:30pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: When I moved to NYC and dating opportunities presented before me, I was astounded by the number of men who would not pay for a meal. Or if they paid, they seem to want something back in return. I believe if they make more, they should pay for a meal, and trust me, everyone was making more than I was back then. When I started dating RB, I knew right away that he was "the one" because he was 100% my type--tall, skinny, dark hair, creative--the list went on, but mainly because he always paid for our dates without a hint of hesitation. To this day, he lives by his late father's favorite saying after a family meal out, "I gotta feed you, don't I?" He is not loaded by any means, but he is incredibly responsible and devoted to his loved ones. The 60's selfless and heroic Paul Newman or Steve McQueen's characters will always be attractive to many women. Nowadays it seems many "boys" are self absorbed hipsters without any romance or dedication to others-- no wonder young girls are so obsessed with vampires instead.

When I helped RB with his suit shopping, he took me for a quick bite to eat at Birdbath nearby. "I gotta feed you, don't I?" he said. I know he didn't have much money left after a big purchase, so I appreciated this gesture. This Birdbath branch took over New York's most famous bakery, Vesuvio. They kept the sign and look of the beloved neighborhood institution, so you may pass by not knowing it is Birdbath. The service was particularly friendly but a bit aloof as you would expect from all Birdbath/City Bakery ventures.

Don't let the "healthy" atmosphere of Birdbath fool you. They have some tasty, stick to your ribs sandwiches and pizzas for all under $8.50. My falafel sandwich looked very light, but it was full of bold flavors. The grilled vegetables were smooth and succulent, and I was overall thankful that they did not have any calorie information available.

RB's favorite, the chicken cilantro sandwich, was delicious and decadent as always. He loves that it gives the appearance of a healthy lunch, but the delicious greasy bread and gooey cheese say otherwise.

Don't forget to take their organic, fair trade coffee that comes in a tastefully designed retro-chic cup. Just holding the cup makes you look instantly much so that when I was walking with it, some random tourists with Jersey Shore hair and tan asked me where Kim Kardashian's new boutique, "Dash" is. Oh America, I worry about you sometimes. Where are the modern day Steve McQueens and Paul Newmans?


Mina said...

I agree with you on all accounts. And I love how you describe Rob, you both are so sweet :)

Yosh. O said...

aw thanks Mina :)