Monday, October 31, 2011

Sottocasa 10-28-2011

Location: 298 Atlantic Ave. BK
Time: 7pm

Feelings: Sottocasa, the new Neapolitan pizzeria in Cobble Hill serves perhaps the best pizza in the city. You can taste their amazingly addictive pizza if you can get through their incredibly annoying and busy phone line. Ordering a delivery from them is like a 13 year old girl calling a radio station for Def Leppard concert tickets and a backstage pass back in the 80's. On a Friday night, RB called, called and called (for about 20 minutes straight). Finally he got through to place an order. If you are not too lazy or not tied to a baby at home, I would strongly encourage you avoid the hassle and head to the restaurant on Atlantic Avenue for dine in or take out.

I am not a big pizza person after my pancreatitis experience, but Sottocasa's pizza is so tantalizing it deserves its own category. Our "Verdure" ($15 tomatoes, mozzarella, eggplant, radicchio, mushroom, caramelized onion) was a perfect combination of fresh flavors and textures. The crust was chewy with a mochi-like texture, and the slightly charred layer of crust created a perfect sweet bitterness to the rest of the flavor. The earthiness of the vegetables was the star of the dish while the crispy texture of radicchio shined through.

When we finished the pizza, RB and I actually wept and held each other. We wanted more Sottocasa. Alas, when we called back to order two days later, we gave up after 40 minutes of trying. So be careful before you try their pizza and know what you are getting yourself into.


BLee said...

if take-out is that good, think how amazing the dining-in experience with pizza right out of the oven would be! I'm very excited to try it now!!!

Yosh. O said...

Let me know what you think!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Luca, one of Sottocasa's owners. I'm very sorry for the problems you had experienced, in part due to a very busy line, but in part due to a terrible Verizon service in our area. We try our best to get things spinning fast, and we are very pleased that you enjoyed your pie! We are working on getting a better phone service! Thank you, L

Yosh. O said...

Thank you Luca for your comment and amazing pizza!