Saturday, July 17, 2010

LaylaJones 07-13-2010

Location: 214 Court St.
Time: 6pm
People: RB, Mum and myself

Feelings: The day after I first tried Domino's Pizza, I woke up with pancreatitis that lasted for 10 days. Ever since then, I have absolutely despised pizza. Whenever I hear "Pizza Party" or "Pizza Wednesday," I cringe thinking of that appalling, excruciating pancreatic pain, which was far worse than my 36 hour labor. I don't usually like bread with crust or mozzarella cheese either, and when they are both on the same plate, I would consider that my arch-nemesis. I would much rather savor noodles and tomato sauce or some sensible dashi broth.

But when RB ordered something called grilled pizza with vegetables, goat cheese and balsamic ($10.50) from our neighborhood pizzeria, LaylaJones, it opened up my pizza horizon.

The cracker-esque bread was ever so thin and crispy while supporting all the deliciously grilled eggplant and zucchini. The mixture of creamy goat cheese, basil and tangy balsamic created a tasty flavor concoction. I have been obsessed with balsamic lately, and I drizzle it on almost everything I can taste from tofu to soba. On this particular pizza as well, it went perfectly without fail.

Perhaps not all pizzas are evil. I would still pass the standard pizza and definitely Domino's, but I would perhaps try mozzarella cheese-less thin pizza in the future with a bottle of balsamic in hand.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I had pizza today as well! I had it at L'asso, famous for its DOC, thin crust pizza. I didn't try much because it's my mom's (got proscuitto and eggs), but you do have to eat it fast because the crust loses its appeal once it cools off. What other pizza joints do you frequent in the city?

Yosh. O said...

i like l'asso too! but honestly, i don't ever eat pizza. i'll have to start trying new pizza places!