Friday, July 23, 2010

Kit Kat Tasting Day 07-23-2010

Feelings: After finding out my obsession with Kit Kat, my parents brought me all sorts of odd flavored Kit Kat from Japan. Most of them are pretty standard: Bitter Almond, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate. Some are indeed odd and exotic sounding flavors: Mixed Juice, Custard Pudding, Cherry Blossom Matcha, Framboise Cake, Sparkling Strawberry, and Kinako Ohagi (soybean flour and sweet mochi balls, which is coincidentally my nickname for RB).

After conducting some serious Kit Kat tasting with Mum, here is the verdict: The flavor of milky sweet chocolate coated our tongues and masked all the other subtle special flavors, and they all ended up tasting somewhat similar. But if we must choose, the Framboise Cake contained sweet and sour strawberry flavor that was most unique of all. My expectations of Cherry Blossom Matcha and Kinako Ohagi were high, but the both flavors were too subtle and seemed to have lost to the mighty power of chocolate. Mum enjoyed the faint matcha flavor stating that this was the appropriate amount of bitter matcha taste for a Kit Kat bar.

Perhaps the most interesting component of Japanese Kit Kat is the adorable packaging and the excitement for the possibilities of atypical flavors. I recommend having a Kit Kat tasting at your house, however I must warn you the chalky after taste of milk chocolate will linger in your mouth for quite some time.


Mina said...

Great. It's 9:20am and now I'm craving Kit Kat bars at work!

Unknown said...

Yay 'rents for the KitKats. Sounds like a delicious expedition. I would hope the strawberry ones would be good as I feel nothing bad can come from strawberry. I do think the milkier flavors are a win for KitKats though.