Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mum's Nimono 07-23-2010

Feelings: To help us take care of our newborn, CK, my parents flew in from Osaka and stayed with us in our tiny Brooklyn studio apartment for about three weeks. As you can imagine, it was a pure chaos, but we managed to maintain civility. How did we do it? Little help from food, of course! Food can always help people maintain peace and at the same time, let people's guard down. We introduced them to all sorts of new cuisines, in which they mostly enjoyed the Middle Eastern and Mexican food.

In the end, however, all they wanted was Japanese food. While their stay, Mum cooked quite a lot of nimono and noodles. Then sadly I realized that I could not possibly eat Japanese food everyday despite growing up eating her food. Most Japanese people eat different types of Japanese food from authentic old school Japanese to more modern fusion version everyday. But it is still Japanese food after all. After living in the U.S. for over 15 years and almost 10 years in the mecca of world cuisine, NYC, the sound of having Japanese food everyday is quite dull for my palate.

Albeit all the thoughts, Mum's nimono with tofu, eggs, and enoki mushrooms was delicious and brought back all the childhood memories. I hope to cook all the nimono and noodles for CK while he expands his palate from all the food that is available to him in this fine culinary city.

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