Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ted and Honey 07-31-2010

Location: 264 Clinton St. BK
Time: 1pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: I instantly fell in love with small but serene Cobble Hill Park when we first moved to the neighborhood a year ago. I used to be annoyed by all the strollers and crying babies that occupied the park, but ironically a year later, we have become one of them. Nowadays, it is the place for us to be on weekends with iced coffee in our hands from Ted and Honey, conveniently located right next to the park.

Ted and Honey is a quaint little neighborhood coffee shop, and the line is always quite long. Whether we go on weekends or weekdays, it is always crowded. The prices are high, and the service is very slow in a crunchy sort of way, but they use only the quality local organic ingredients and serve delicious coffee and home made baked goods along with eclectic sandwich menu. Upon ordering food, however, you might want to make sure that you would not mind waiting for at least 20-30 minutes. Enough time for a nice stroll around the park.

We waited for RB's breakfast burrito for quite some time. We waited for such a long time that when we actually got the burrito, it was past breakfast time. It was voluminous and tasty but the ratio of tortilla to the filling was off. It was a bit too much of tortilla without enough filling. The beans were deliciously al dente, eggs were well cooked, and the salsa fresco was fresh and harmonized the overall flavor of the burrito. However, we do not recommend ordering this if you are having a nice relaxing day at the park since it's incredibly messy and would require a bib upon consuming. RB was left with more mess than our one month old CK.

The two homemade muffins we ordered, one with dark chocolate and banana and the other with blueberry, were scrumptious and had a very good texture. They were both carefully sweet and complimented our iced coffee. I especially enjoyed the big banana chunks and dark chocolate chips.

We hope to go back to Ted and Honey next weekend and try more of their baked goods. And if we have more time, RB will try their famous "Redneck Wrap"(wrap with cheddar cheese grits, eggs and ham).

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