Monday, August 15, 2011

Sockerbit 08-10-2011

Location: 89 Christopher St.

Feelings: Don Draper drinks scotch to bond with his colleagues. In 2011, scotch has been replaced by the candy jar, usually filled with Hershey's products. While I'm not much of a candy person, Mr. Goodbar and Special Dark compliment my 3pm decaf break. I do wish they were a few bitter and rich German chocolates, but sometimes chalky American delights that call themselves "chocolate flavored candy," sans cocoa, do justice.

But today, we had special treats from Sockerbit, a new Swedish candy shop located next door of Il Cantuccio in West Village. They come from Sweden to kick Hershey's in the butt. Marshmallow bears dipped in chocolate, Dumle, Vanilj Praliner--and many other authentic Swedish candies that are sold at their grocery stores can be found here. At $13 a pound, you can save a trip to Ikea or Sweden and enjoy 3pm Fika at your desk. They are certainly sweet treats, but they go absurdly well with a strong cup of coffee. Now, I just wish I had some real coffee at the office and co-workers who actually have time to take a coffee break.


BLee said...

Just like the Vikings used to eat!

Mina said...

Jealous!!!!! But do they beat sour belts? Question of the century.