Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bark Hot Dogs at Pier 6+ Governor's Island 07-04-2011

Location: Governor's Island: An island in Upper New York Bay, free weekend ferry available from Pier 6 on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and the Battery Maritime Building from Manhattan.

Feelings: I absolutely despise the summer and outdoors--I can't handle the beach or any nature related events. It is mainly because I fear the sun, and if you go to Japan, you will see a lot of women like myself, avoiding the sun and walking with a parasol in hand, liberally spreading SPF100 every hour. Asian skin has hyper-pigmentation issues to begin with, and we consider porcelain white skin to be a part of standard of beauty. But once CK was born, I no longer could avoid the sun and live in department stores. Spending time at Pier 1 and Pier 6 have become a part of our weekend life.

On this 4th of July, we decided to take a free ferry from Pier 6 to Governor's Island. This former military base has become a great destination for public open space in recent years. The food and drinks are overpriced, and unless you are satisfied with vending machine hot dogs and Mr. Softee trucks, I highly recommend bringing food from Sahadi's or Damascus on Atlantic Avenue for a picnic. Alcohol is not permitted on the island, but Damascus has pretty strong, tart and delicious organic lemonade that would be perfect for a nice Summer afternoon.

The island reminded me of my college campus with fraternity houses, mixed with some scenes from Antonioni's L'Avventura. Perhaps it was too much nature for me at once-- I felt trapped and could not wait to get back. Without Duane Reade, ATMs, and coffee shops within walking distance, my cryptic neurosis took over me.

Thankfully, as soon as we landed back on the island of Brooklyn, recently opened Bark Hot Dogs roof terrace on Pier 6 was there to provide a metropolitan oasis. This Park Slope based gourmet hot dog spot serves burgers and hot dogs as well as veggie dogs, cheddar bratwurst, and sides of homemade coleslaw and baked beans. Their beverage section is quite impressive with iced coffee with condensed milk, beer and wine on tap.

Can it be any more American than eating a hot dog, drinking a beer and looking over the skyline of Manhattan (sans fireworks)? In Brooklyn, I suppose we do it with a twist: with a $6 gourmet veggie dog, a locally brewed beer, and a pair of Ray Ban wayfarers.


Mina said...

LOL you are hilarious. I love that you hide in department stores.

Yosh. O said...

Haha where else would I hide!?