Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bouchon Bakery Rockefeller Center 06-23-2011

Location: 1 Rockefeller Plaza
Time: 1pm
People: SaSha and myself

Feelings: I have always enjoyed Bouchon Bakery's macarons, but Columbus Circle is a bit of a walk from my work. Conveniently, another location opened closer in the former location of Dean and Deluca. Yes, I now see Bouchon's logo behind Matt Lauer's head every morning. How tempting.

What's great about their opening is that we now have a cute place for a lunch pick up after a trip to Anthropologie. If you are a fashion and budget conscious Midtown worker and don't want to shop at H&M every month, you most likely go to the Anthropologie's sale section. It is difficult to find a lunch spot in Midtown that caters this crowd, so go with your frugal fashion friends for shopping plus a lovely lunch or snack.

Considering the location, it was crowded with tourists, but the line moved quickly without confusion or disorganization. They had a wide range of beloved French desserts and pastries as well as savories like quiche, salad, soup and sandwiches. The prices are higher that most lunch spots in the area-- sandwiches are around $10 and pastries from $5 to$10 (cookies are cheaper and under $5)--but when it comes to quality dishes from Thomas Keller, these prices might be considered a great deal.

While SaSha enjoyed her sandwich with smoked salmon, I picked up a French classic, Tuna Nicoise. ($9.95, tuna salad made with creme fraiche, bibb lettuce, red onions, garlic mayo and olive tapenade on a palladin roll) It was a light fare while maintaining a delectable flavor and perfect combination of crunchy and smooth textures.

Their sandwiches are not heavy or greasy, so you can fully enjoy their decadent desserts. I would usually choose macarons or mousse, but I tried Chocolate Chunk Cookie, which was simply luscious and heavenly. It was the utmost sensuous, creamy yet delicate chocolate experience. I never thought I could expect such an elegant flavor from a chocolate cookie. It is pretty big and filling, so I was left completely stuffed.

Bouchon Bakery certainly is a Francophile's sanctuary in Midtown. An Americanized boulangerie with an excellent service and food--what else can I ask for after a little shopping during lunch hour?

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