Monday, November 28, 2011

61 Local 11-12-2011

Location: 61 Bergen St.
Time: 2pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: I have never really lived in an American suburb, but I hear from RB that there are usually only two types of bars in the suburbs: weird old man bars and annoying young people bars. It's a good thing Brooklyn has the third option: a bar that celebrates the local community.

I pick up CK from daycare every day after work and walk pass 61 Local, a beer hall that also serves excellent food and locally brewed beer. The space feels like an art gallery: high ceiling, beautifully crafted tables and lights, exposed brick, and works of local artists. Every early evening, the space is packed with parents and kids as well as young professionals enjoying their kombucha, wine and beer on tap.

61 Local is also an excellent option for weekend brunch, especially if you have small kids. They don't have high chairs available, but the large space gives the kids some wiggle room. Since they have no table service, CK and I waited at the table while RB went up to the bar and ordered us a couple of sandwiches. To keep with the locavore theme, the food here is provided by excellent local businesses such as Bien Cuit and Sahadi's.

My "Tide is High Sandwich" ($7, fish roe, hard-boiled egg, salsa verde on pugliese bread with a side of seakraut) was fresh, and the sweet and salty combination brought the dish to the next level. The bread (from Bien Cuit) was soft and chewy with the tasty crispy edges and sustained all the scrumptious inside layers.

RB's Brooklyn Brat ($7, Bratwurst on pugliese bread with sauerkraut and mustard on side) was delicious-- The toasted bread again was on showcase in this simple but scrumptious bar sandwich.

61 Local has the relaxing, rustic atmosphere that makes you want to keep coming back. It is also an excellent space for events as we saw a wedding preparation at their space upstairs. Especially these cold days ahead, it will be difficult walking by 61 Local everyday and not stop for a cup of coffee with CK.

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