Saturday, May 15, 2010

Return of Azuri Cafe 05-14-2010

Location: 465 West 51st St.
Time: 12:30pm
People: RRo, MKang and myself

Feelings: With two of my new coworkers, I went back to my favorite Israeli falafel joint in Hell's Kitchen, Azuri Cafe. If you work in Westside, you would have to experience Azuri at least once. At 12:30pm, there was a line out to the door at this small hall-in-the-wall place. The owner Ezra was working hard, supervising his workers every step of the way as I had seen him before. He is truly a falafel master, and I always taste the love and effort in his food.

I ordered the small Falafel Platter ($9.50) today, and Ezra jokingly said "Are you sure you don't want the large platter for your baby?" pointing to my belly. Despite his offer, the small platter was bigger than I had expected. The falafel was light and crispy, and the hummus and babaganush were smooth. My favorite was their warm, fluffy whole wheat pita (they only have whole wheat pita!) was hearty and fresh.

The Azuri first timers, RRo and MKang also enjoyed their food. RRo's Large Shawarma Platter ($15.25) was flavorful, and he was happy to see lots of meat on his plate. He was also a fan of the pita, adding, "Soft and good!" MKang ordered a Falafel Sandwich ($6.50), which made her say, "OMG! Best falafel in a pita ever!" The falafel was not greasy, and she enjoyed all the sauces and flavors.

Although you would not have to wait more than 10 minutes for your artfully crafted food, I recommend going to Azuri after 1pm to avoid the line. It is not the cheapest by any means, but it is hands down the freshest and best food you would have in the area.

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Anonymous said...

The last time I went was like 6 years ago. Since I love hummus more than falafels, I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, but I do like the pickled red cabbages. Another park to sit nearby. :(