Saturday, December 8, 2012

The 2012 Ramen and Friends Awards! 12-06-2012

Welcome to the 2012 Ramen and Friends Awards! It is now time to reflect on all the food we consumed this year. Curious about last year? Click here.

Best Ramen of 2012: Ganso 
Best Miso Ramen: Ramen Misoya 
Best French Bakery: Dominique Ansel
Best Midtown Aussie Pies: Pie Face
Best Noho Lunch without Smile: The Smile
Best Fine Lunch Dining Deal The Modern
Best Place to Watch Himalayan TV Program While Consuming Carbs and Butter Tea: Himalayan Yak
Best Sexy Tea Spot: Tea Set
Best Daniel Takeouts: Epicerie Boulud
Best Homestyle Japanese: Family Recipe
Best Breakfast Egg Sandwich Iris Cafe
Best Kimchi Sandwich: Court Street Grocers
Best Pudding Shop: Puddin'
Best Shaken Fries: Japadog
Best Brooklyn Schmear: Shelksky's Smoked Fish
Best Misugaru Latte: Cafe Bene
Best Mac and Cheese: Sadie's Kitchen
Best Chicory Iced Coffee: Blue Bottle
Best New Bao: BaoBQ
Best Midtown Chinese Lunch Special: Grand Sichuan Hell's Kitchen
Best Cupcake in SoHo: Georgetown Cupcakes
Best Carb-tasticlly Heavy Food with Lamb Testicles: Cheburechnaya
Quickest Place to Get Bonchon Chicken: Boka 
Best New Gelato: Gelato ti Amo
Best Cheap Italian: Gaia
Best Southern Brunch: The Cardinal
Best Southern Lunch and Supper: Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter
Best Coffee: Abraco
Best Ben and Jerry's: Chocolate Therapy
Best East Village Cuban: Cafe Cortadito
Best Manhattan Taiwanese: Excellent Pork Chop House 
Best Queens Taiwanese: Taiwanese Specialties
Best Taiwanese Tea Shop: Come Buy 
Best Greek Brunch: Boukies
Best New Chinese: Mission Chinese Food  
Best Thai Ice Cream: SkyIce Sweet & Savory 
Chinese Delivery Staple: Hunan Delight 
Best TriBeCa Brunch: Kutsher's Tribeca 
Best "Middle-terranean" Sandwich Shop: Taboonette 
Best New Orleans Style Sandwiches: Cheeky Sandwiches 
Best Deep Fried Pizza: Don Antonio 
Best Grilled Cheese: Little Muenster 
Best Kale Chips: Whitman's 
Biggest Rival to Pure Thai in Midtown: Noodies Thai Kitchen 
Best Concept: Smush 
Best Mint Ice Cream Sandwich: 'Wichcraft Ice Cream Kiosk 
Best Japanese Deli: Ni Japanese Delicacies 
I'm So Glad Prune is Always Packed: Joe Doe 
Best Midtown Russian Lunch Deal: Uncle Vanya 
Best Brooklyn Israeli Falafel: Kulushkat 
Best Kid Friendly Cafe that Kid-Hating Adults Would Also Love: Treats Truck Stop 

Ramen and Friends Hall of Fame:

Best Japanese: Hibino
Best Coffee: Crop to Cup
Best Pasta: Brucie
Best Japanese-Italian: Basta Pasta
Best Hummus: Mimi's Hummus
Best Vegetarian Ramen: Totto Ramen
Best Malaysian: Taste Good in Elmhurst
Best Falafel: Azuri
Best Dim Sum: Ocean Jewel
Best Soba: Cocoron
Best Veggie-Centric Italian: Rucola
Best Korean + Uzbek: Elza Fancy Food
Cheapest R+F Outing: Uncle Zhou
Best Korean in Midtown West: Danji
Best Ice Cream Sandwich: Coolhaus

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