Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake 02-17-2012

Location: 111 Mercer St.
Time: 2:30pm

Feelings: Do we seriously need another cupcake place in NYC? Apparently we do in SoHo. TLC's "DC Cupcakes" ladies' NYC outpost opened last month. Although in recent years, cupcakes have been replaced by macarons in NYC, I heard from my dear friend CF in DC that there is an endless wait out the door outside their DC location. From what I have seen on "Sh%t People in DC Say," cupcakes still seem to be a significant part of their lives.

At this new, spacious NYC location packed with tourists, they have 18 flavors of cupcakes daily and rotating flavors on weekly basis. The ordering system is similar to Starbucks: You place an order at the front, and wait for the box the cupcakes in the back. The decor of the place is a bit NYC circa 2000 with a huge wall covered with bright pink and overly stylized fonts. From looking at the choice of color and decor, this would be a favorite spot for many tourists and young girls who fancy Kim Kardashian shop, Dash in SoHo.

Since I loathe icing, I brought two cupcakes ($2.75 each), peanut butter and black and white, to RB and his coworkers nearby. He thought they were surprisingly moist for cupcakes. And for someone who is not fond of buttercream icing, he very much enjoyed this lighter version.

Since I work with DC folks all day, the adorable "Broadway" and "DC" fondants in one box made me smile. With the excellent, friendly service, I am certain Georgetown Cupcake will be popular among customers who would seek more elegant cupcakes and tourists who still dream of becoming Carrie Bradshaw. The tough and chic Downtown New Yorkers who prefer Alexander Wang and rustic decors may find their aesthetics a bit pedestrian, but the flavor of the cupcakes may win them over.


kim said...

I got a cupcake for my mom. Chocolate PB I remembered (??) Small, but I think the portion is much better than Crumbs' gaint size. Very pink inside...too 'girly' for me actually, haha. I heard the red velvet and strawberry are the popular choices.

Yosh. O said...

yeah the decor is def not for modern downtown new yorkers. cupcakes are girly they need to make them even more girly??