Monday, March 5, 2012

Soup Kiosk 02-17-2012

Location: 94 Prince St.
Time: 2pm

Feelings: RB always tells me about his SoHo/Chinatown lunch adventures, which I am always envious of, but it seems always difficult to find something quick and cheap in the vicinity of his work. At least, Midtown has millions of mediocre delis and Pret/Pax/Cosi/Hale and Hearty chains to rely on during the less than perfect weather days.

He has been frequenting the Soup Kiosk, attached to Fanelli Cafe on Prince and Mercer for some excellent vegetarian chili. With significantly better flavored soup than the food chains mentioned above, this food stand is definitely more posh than the average food truck. There are lines especially when it is cold outside, but they move rather fast. There is also a dashing young lady ladling the soup with an infectious smile. No wonder people in SoHo seem so much happier than Midtown.

I tried their vegetarian chili (small $5, $6.25 for large). You can add cheese or rice if you need to make it into more of a substantial meal. The chili tasted clean, hearty and flavorful. It was a simple bowl of soup, reasonably priced for busy SoHo workers on the go and accompanied by bread or crackers. There is nothing fancy or completely unique about this place, but the dependability and reasonable prices make this spot a SoHo classic. I am again envious that he gets to have Soup Kiosk with a pretty lady, and I am here stuck with Hale and Hearty in Midtown.

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