Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iris Cafe 02-19-2012

Location: 20 Columbus Pl. BK
Time: 3pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Residents of the BoCoCa area have certainly witnessed the insane numbers of children and their parents roaming around the parks and cafes on Smith street. We appreciate the area's kid friendliness, but at the same time, we try to avoid it as much as possible. Coming from Japan, I still don't quite understand the American style of parenting, and seeing all of these unexceptionally cheerful parents and hyperactive kids is sometimes overwhelming. So where do we go? We head to Brooklyn Heights and their unpopular parks where there are only a few quiet kids and parents.

Brooklyn Heights and "cool" don't usually live together especially since there are a few notable places to eat or buy coffee. But near my only favorite spot in Brooklyn Heights, River Deli, there is an adorable, cozy cafe that serves Stumpton coffee and all day breakfast menu.

The cafe does not allow laptops or iPads, and rather hip crowds fills the relaxing farmhouse like space. There are sometimes celeb spotting here since Brooklyn Heights is many Hollywood stars' home. Securing a table on weekends may be difficult, so just grab their coffee and breakfast sandwiches and head to park or promenade.

The all day breakfast dishes like "Soldiers" (soft boiled eggs with toast), homemade yogurt, and oatmeal are available as well as rustic sandwiches made to order for more of a lunch fare. With the use of local ingredients, you can get fresh brunch dishes at more of a casual setting. My "Avocado Toast with Soft Eggs" ($9, 7-grain toast with dijon mayo, avocado spread, with 2 soft boiled eggs) was flavorful, and I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of mayo, avocado and eggs. My only complaint is that the price could be $2-3 cheaper. I understand that the it's made with exceptionally fresh ingredients, but $9 for a very small sandwich seems a bit out of my range. RB's ham, egg and cheese bagette was tasty, but a bit too crispy for his liking.

Good, simple and wholesome food and coffee can be found at this sleepy side of town. Comforting food, coffee, park--what else could a family of three want? Well I could definitely use a pair of Prada fire shoes or Dannijo necklace, perhaps.

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