Monday, November 12, 2012

Kulushkat 11-04-2012

Location: 446 Dean St. BK
Time: 12pm
People: CK, RB and myself

Feelings: Thanks to Sahadi's, Damascus, and Yemen Cafe, we are completely spoiled by amazing Middle Eastern eats in the neighborhood. In fact, RB has this rather interesting ritual every Sunday early afternoon while CK naps. He would quietly walk out of the apartment, grab a tall boy of beer from the corner bodega and a spicy falafel sandwich from Damascus Bakery, come home and enjoy them quietly while checking his Celtics blog. As financially strained parents, we don't have much luxury, but this is something he could look forward to every week.

We took a short trip over to the new Barclay Center and came across Kulushkat, an Israeli take out spot (with some stools and counter available) that serves amazing falafel with fresh, quality ingredients. The falafel here is magical. The falafel is incredibly crispy and dark, but when you bite into it, it is airy with full of flavors without much greasiness. This is falafel on the next level--similar to Taim's but more affordable (RB actually liked it better).

If you can't choose between shawarma and falafel like RB, Shawafel Pita ($10.50, chicken shawarma sauteed, falafel, hummus, red cabbage salad and tahini) is highly recommended. He thought the chicken was tender and deliciously spiced, and the falafel was moist and flavorful. He was also happy to see skhug, Isreali hot sauce on the menu but was disappointed by the added 50 cents.

I certainly love falafel, but not as much as RB where I would need a moment of silence to truly appreciate it. But there are two things that are worth hopping the train for here: the Israeli Breakfast ($6) and the lemonana ($3), Israeli style mint lemonade. The breakfast special includes: two amazingly flaky bourekas, hard boiled eggs with Israeli salad, madboukha and creamy babaganoush along with hot tea. What a great deal for $6!

The lemonade comes in a gigantic cup, full of mint leaves and refreshing lemon. It is never too sweet or bitter. Just right. I can't wait to explore the neighborhood in the summer with this rejuvenating, addictive cold drink.

I am not sure how the opening of Barclay Center would affect the business, but if you ever need a quick flavorful bite before or after the games, definitely stop by at Kulushkat. In this thriving, ever changing neighborhood, Kulushkat will certainly satisfy diverse clientele.


Sara Shacket said...

sounds delicious. must check this out!!

Yosh. O said...

Yes! I'll be going back for more Israeli bfast...